Bird Shooting

Wing shooting in South Africa has generally been under utilised in the past as most people come to Africa to shoot big game. Few people know just how many birds there are here and the fantastic wing shooting opportunities available. We have a variety of geese and ducks with the most common being the Egyptian goose, Shellduck, Spurwing Goose (heaviest goose in the world), Yellowbill duck, Cape shovellers and various teal species. These birds we shoot at the roost in the evenings as an add on to a plains game safari or in the fields early morning and afternoon for the serious duck hunter.

The mountains in the Eastern Cape have healthy populations of Greywing Francolin which we shoot over dogs, expect to walk in beautiful scenic country.

The grain rich Free State provides a very healthy population of Rock Pigeon and dove. These populations seem to be on the increase, here we mainly target the Rock Pigeon which, with their speed and flight variations offer a far more challenging shoot than the doves do.

We offer wing shooting on its own or as an add-on to a plains game safari. Typically we start in the Free State where we shoot pigeons for two to three days then drive to the Eastern Cape for the geese and ducks, or vice versa. We can do a variety of combo shoots for pigeon/plainsgame or geese/plainsgame, these can be tailored for each groups needs.

Crops are sometimes earlier or later then the norm in some years, but generally the best times for geese, ducks, dove and pigeon are late Feb through to the end April, with March being the best time slot for the geese and ducks.

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